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Caffe Bar "Cvita"

caffe bar cvita

Before your trip relax with excellent coffee and other drinks in our catering facility near the agency at the bus station in Zadar.

Quality control

In order to provide more services and improve our activities vehicles are regularly checked by the competent services and mechanic services company Puntamika line ltd.

In addition to these controls after every ride vehicles undergo a thorough external and internal cleaning as part of a garage within the company.

puntamika line garaža

Vehicles that are not in operation are located in the garage in a controlled environment where they are not exposed to atmospheric conditions.

Daily care of the vehicles run by qualified staff.

The garage is located in a commercial zone New Bokanjac Zadar Croatia.
puntamika line pranje

After driving each vehicle goes through the process of preparing for the next ride.

Preparation begins by washing the body in order to increase the useful life of the vehicle and more comfortable travel service user.
puntamika line čišćenje

In addition to cleaning the exterior of the bus service is performed and thoroughly clean the inside of each vehicle after each trip.

Cleaning is done in order to provide a more comfortable environment for passengers on each subsequent trip.
puntamika line zadar


High quality and reliable staff to serve passengers during the entire trip.

puntamika line zadar


Vehicles more well-known manufacturer provides a comfortable and reliable ride.

puntamika line zadar


Special attention maintenance after every ride for a pleasant journey.


Puntamika line ltd.

Kneza Trpimira 20, 23000 Zadar, Croatia
+385 23 315 331 ~ +385 23 313 394 ~ info@puntamika-line.hr
OIB 59164235356 ~ MB 00719307 ~ Commercial Court in Zadar
Founder / Procurator: Vlade Deranja